"Dedicated to helping young athletes reach their goals in professional sports and in life"



EDGE is dedicated to helping young athletes reach their goals in professional sports and in life, and some of our Athletes need funding for a period of time which we can provide



EDGE's prides itself with working with Worldclass coaches, including Hall of Famer etc etc etc


Hitting Partners

In each of our locations but as well as for specific events, our group works with high level sparring partners


Travel Coaches

Some coaches from our Team have been travelling with Junior as well as Pro players all year long and can provide this service to our Athletes if needed


Personal Trainer / Physio

EDGE provides to its athlete Personal Trainer / Physio in our locations all year long as well as to travel with players for specific events regularly


First Class Facilities

We provide worldwide access to tennis courts (from synthetic grass to red clay, indoor, hard court etc) and training facilities (fitness)


Tennis Experts and Consultants

Former and Current ATP players working for our Group come regularly to help our Athletes, in one of our facilities as well as during specific events (Grand Slams)


Preferential Access to Rick Macci

Both our Athletes as well as their Coaches can communicate with Rick even when abroad, send him video for review etc


Housing Worldwide

Our Group can provide Housing to our Athlete in many locations including South Florida, Bahamas, Paris and Geneva


Career Management

Our global network of local experts providing the privileged access to connections, relationships and experiences that will help Athletes achieve their business and career results.


Branding - Marketing

In today’s sport and legal climate you are your own “brand”. Your representation requires the skills necessary to create, protect and commercialize your brand both during and after your career.


Contract Negotiations

Our experienced attorneys have been working with celebrities and companies to innovative legal and business strategies to protect and maximize their clients’ personal and business interests.



Founding partners of EDGE have negociated multi million dollars deal with major companies for athlete they represent.


Financial Services

Founding partners of EDGE are also founding partners of a Bank, a Life Insurance Company, Trust, Asset Management and Hedge Funds group.


Wild Cards

The relationships our Group has builded over the years help our Athlete to receive Wild Cards in tournaments Worldwide.