Seone Mendez

Seone is fluent in English and Spanish. An extremely hard worker with a strong physique, she is an assiduous student of the game and loves to practice her trick shots.

She won seven ITF titles (W15 and W25) in 2019 and she finished 2020 as the ITF Women’s Circuit #2.

Seone grew up in an active family; her father was a soccer pro who played in European clubs and for the Australian national team. Her brother, Gian, also plays soccer professionally in Spain, where the family relocated.

Seone aims to become a great ambassador for the sport, both on and off the court. She credits her father as her greatest inspiration due to his passion and drive for everything he does. But whatever ranking she ultimately attains, she defines success as reaching her full potential.

Outside of tennis, Seone enjoys creative pursuits. She is a keen photographer and graphic designer and likes transforming her pictures using Photoshop.

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