Maria Timofeeva

Masha won a 15K ITF Singles title in Antalya in September 2019 and enjoyed a strong start to 2020, clinching a win and making it to the finals of back-to-back 15K ITF events. Masha is currently among the Top 3 Junior tennis players in Russia and is a member of the U19 National Tennis Team.

She is an extremely persistent and determined player, who constantly sets challenging goals for herself and does everything in her power to achieve them.

Masha draws inspiration from her extremely hard-working parents and aims to follow their example. Her strongest motivation is to be a better version of herself and leave a mark in tennis history.

She is also active beyond the tennis court as she enjoys running and Thai boxing.

Masha’s hobbies include cooking and studying languages. If she hadn’t chosen tennis as a career, she would have liked to work as a restaurant chef.

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